About Us & The Project

Why We Developed the Videos, Research Site & Membership Plan

As EFT practitioners and trainers ourselves, we became frustrated with the challenges of introducing EFT to a broader audience. We saw first-hand what EFT can do for ordinary people who experience extraordinary trauma. We personally observed the healing process, especially when people had tried more conventional methods and come up short. We knew the benefits were real - not imaginary - because we could see our clients respond, over and over again. And we didn't want to replace the science of conventional healing. We wanted to use that science to serve needs that weren't being met elsewhere.

We chose video as a format for telling this important story as studies show that people engage with video and viewers have a higher retention rate compared to print.Alina Frank and Craig Weiner

About Alina Frank & Craig Weiner

Alina and Craig

Dr. Craig Weiner, film director along with his wife and partner, Alina Frank are producers of The Science of Tapping. It was their dream and vision to create a film to showcase the ongoing growth of research that has been conducted over the last two decades so as to educate the public about the research being done on EFT and other tapping modalities.

Craig Weiner, D.C. has worked in the health-care field for 30 years as a chiropractor and as an educator and trainer of complementary health care approaches. He is an accredited EFT trainer for the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques, a trainer of Evidence Based EFT for clinicians and is one of four certified Matrix Reimprinting EFT trainers in North America. He serves on the board of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. He is the co-creator of continuing education programs such as Tapping out of Trauma and as an author, he is a contributor to the Clinical EFT Handbook: A Definitive Resource for Practitioners, Scholars, Clinicians, and Researchers. He has also published multiple articles on tapping and energy psychology in a variety of periodicals and blogs, such as the Huffington Post. While Craig has extensive experience as a Tapping practitioner and trainer, he is not a licensed mental health care practitioner. Together with his wife, Alina Frank, they present at conferences and train and mentor health care professionals around the world. More information can be found at www.EFTtappingtraining.com

Alina Frank has been training individuals and professionals in Energy Psychology techniques such as EFT and Matrix Reimprinting since 2007. She is an accredited certified Master Trainer of Trainers for AAMET at the EFT Tapping Training Institute as well as a certified Matrix Reimprinting trainer. She is the best-selling author of How to Want Sex Again: Using EFT for Rekindling Intimacy and a contributing author to 8 EFT books including the Clinical EFT Handbook Volumes 1 and 2: A Definitive Resource for Practitioners, Scholars, Clinicians, and Researchers. She has mentored hundreds of practitioners and worked with thousands of individuals with these modalities. While Alina has extensive experience as a tapping practitioner and trainer, she is not a licensed mental health care practitioner. With her husband and business partner, Dr. Craig Weiner, Alina conducts international trainings through the EFT Tapping Training Institute.

About Our Writer-Producer Naomi Janzen

Naomi Janzen

Naomi has been practicing EFT since 2008 and is a Certified Expert Clinical EFT practitioner and trainer in Australia. She is author of the upcoming book, Tap out of Depression. A screenwriter for over 25 years before becoming a practitioner, she gained extensive experience in understanding the forces and events that shape characters.

All of us in the world-wide tapping community owe a debt of gratitude to Naomi for producing The Science of Tapping video collection.

We would never have reached the stage where we can offer practitioners, scientists and the public the host of information and expertise presented in these videos without her passion, professionalism and tireless efforts over the lengthy process its been to craft the materials we can now distribute.

Many skilled hands have gone into this, but Naomi Janzen captained us all.

Thank you.

About Our Director of Photography / Editor – Chris Korrow

Chris Korrow

Chris Korrow is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, photographer, naturalist, and organic farmer who has been teaching about farming, gardening, the environment, nature, biodiversity and most importantly, the place of humanity within these subjects for the last 30 years. Film credits include: Dancing With Thoreau, a film about how and why we, as a Western society can reconnect with nature, Frost Flowers – currently airing on KET (KY PBS), Garden Insects – National - PBS, The Mercury Is Rising for the Sierra Club.

Chris Korrow has been a part of this project since its inception. His skills as a filmmaker, editor, musician and collaborator has been invaluable. We cannot imagine this film without his support.

Chris brought his years of experience as a documentary filmmaker and passion for healing and graced us generously with his inspiring ideas and perspective. We are blessed to have him be an essential part of our team.

About Our Web Developer – Skywriter

Eric Huurre

Eric Huurre is an AAMET-certified practitioner who also brings over forty years of award-winning film and television production work to his and others' work in energy therapy projects like his OPERATION: Emotional Freedom documentary.

Gayle Grin

Gayle Grin is an internationally recognized Creative Director and Senior Designer who works to translate the ideas and sensitivities of newsmakers, storytellers and information providers into print, web and other rich media formats.

Skywriter Communications Producer/Director, Eric Huurre, brought his documentary film and social media experience to the planning and production of our Science of Tapping video promotions and website development.

Gayle Grin added her internationally-recognized Creative Direction and Design talents to the designs of the Science of Tapping website and video packaging materials.