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Are you FIGHTING TO BRING TAPPING into your field of work, or personal life?
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Do you want to INTRODUCE TAPPING to your child's school, but LACK A PRESENTATION that responds to the academic demand for scientific evidence...
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Has your client seen LIFE-CHANGING BENEFITS from tapping she believes can help her husband's chronic insomnia ... if she could just convince him it's not some off-the-wall woo-woo...
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Do you work at a mental health agency and KNOW TAPPING could HELP CLIENTS with trauma & addiction issues - but your administrators dismiss the technique as untested...
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Are you a business coach who wants to use tapping to help clients OVERCOME MONEY BLOCKS, but they're educated professionals who demand a LOGICAL, SCIENCE-BASED explanation...
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Attention Practitioners

If you've arrived on this page, you probably know that MILLIONS MORE PEOPLE could BENEFIT from EFT and TAPPING – especially those who desperately NEED RELIEF from TRAUMA, STRESS and CHRONIC ANXIETY that holds a shadow over their daily lives. Many of these people could become your clients, but they're resisting because they want SCIENTIFIC, MAINSTREAM SOLUTIONS.


Up until now, you had few options to take the dreaded woo-woo factor out of the decision process.You could spend a few decades of your life studying science.You could share copies of boring, hard-to-read research articles.You could share links to light-hearted YouTube videos.

NOW YOU CAN GET A VIDEO THAT IS DESIGNED TO DO THE HEAVY LIFTING FOR you'll have the opportunity to HELP CLIENTS HEAL without fighting off the dreaded woo-woo factor.


The Science of Tapping

Now you CAN PERSUADE even the most SKEPTICAL AUDIENCE to tap along with you! This one-of-a-kind video combines HARD-CORE SCIENCE with an ENGAGING PRESENTATION intended to melt resistance and command attention.

They'll be open to signing up for the magic ... but only after you show them the science - & we've done that for you, watch a sample trailer below!

Using this video, you can transform the most serious skeptics into your happiest clients

I am watching the Science of Tapping and tears are rolling down my face! It is truly inspirational!!! It engages skeptics, it engages professionals, it is simple and clear for lay people, it appeals to helping professionals. All speakers contribute so well to the various facets of the subject - I am mesmerized watching it! Irena Relyovska - Barton Chair, Bulgarian Association for Development of Energy Psychology

...a brilliant resource for students and trainers everywhere Liz Hart, Owner at EFT Centre

About the Science of Tapping

This Video Can...

... Help your potential clients become aware of the specific ways EFT and Tapping have helped real people like themselves and their own clients

... Directly address your audience's most common concerns by providing physiology-based explanations of how EFT and Tapping works

... Significantly increase EFT and Tapping's credibility by providing articulate, educated presentations by experts with mainstream credentials

Make this Video Available to Your Audience...

...You can break the major resistance people have to trying EFT: the belief that it's a "woo-woo, non- scientific method used by a few people on the fringe" and show that the technique has been endorsed by experts recognized outside the EFT world and delivered results that have been reported in mainstream research journals.


You guys nailed it. This is just what those of us who are taking EFT into hospital settings need to explain what sounds so woo woo Marcia Skinner, RN, Reiki Practitioner

The Science of Tapping ... explains why this method is so effective for a diverse range of issues and conditions Renee Hrudicka, Registered Dietician


What would be the most effective way to use these videos to spread the word about EFT and Tapping to be more accepted and is it available in multiple languages?

Is the material current?

Is the Science of Tapping research based?

Has the research behind tapping helped to bring it into clinical and academic institutions?

Our Team of Experts Demystify Tapping

Our Experts Bring Solid Evidence to Your Audience:

The wisdom of these experts can convince your audience not just because of what they say – but because they present in a matter-of-face, professional style. They're not sales people. They'll remind your audience of college professors and other knowledge-based authorities.

David Feinstein, Ph.D.

Donna Eden

Fred Gallo, Ph.D.

Mandi Freger, L.P.C.

Eric Robins, M.D.

Peta Stapleton, Ph.D.

Tapas Fleming, L.Ac.

Dr. Joe Dispenza, D.C.

Loretta Sparks, L.M.F.T.

Larry Burk, M.D.

Alina Frank

Craig Weiner, D.C.

...scientific yet accessible, sound, and convincing. It speaks for itself and I can't wait to distribute it to everyone I know! Manon Sookocheff, Ph.D.

Great Job on all accounts...I will be showing it to a new client in about 30 minutes! Also I'm putting on a workshop this week, using EFT for addiction based on the 12 steps. Thank You! Doy J Dowsett

Be Ready for Any Opportunity with These 3 Videos:

You'll have the ideal video ready whether you're a keynote speaker, presenting to a university class, participating in a professional conference, or sharing information 1:1 with a new client.

What Do I Get?

For Short Presentations

One 13 minute film designed to explain the science and research that lies at the heart of how tapping works and it explores the research that has been published regarding it's application for a variety of conditions. Use this video in short presentations, time-sensitive educational settings and 1:1 consultations with individual clients and their families.

For Conference Presentations

One 30 minute film exploring the mind body connection of tapping. Includes material covered in the 13-minute video but with more depth and additional stories. Use this video for conference presentations when you have more time and as an introduction to classroom lectures.

Presenting to Professionals

Over two hours of videos presenting individual interviews with our experts. Your audience will find these stories entertaining as well as insightful and the examples are truly memorable. These videos are intended to resonate particularly well with audiences bringing medical, psychotherapeutic or an energy healing background to the viewing...allowing you to choose which expert might resonate best with your audience.

BONUS: We're excited to bring this brand-new video series to you! For a limited time, when you purchase the package you will also get an up to date 30-page Tapping Research Summary called "The Current State of Scientific Evidence for Tapping." Use this report to gain more confidence and have a resource to offer that is up to date, organized for ease of use and professionally created to impress your audience. Gain more background and explain Tapping even more clearly to your target audience.

Become a Member of Our Science of Tapping Community

Learn and Gain Even More

Our Science of Tapping Membership will provide you with all of our video content, access to our research reports and updates, plus a link to learn and share the science behind this remarkable therapeutic tool with your peers!